Strike Back

This site,, born in 2004 as a testing environment for FreeBSD 5.3 and its service features.

After lots of years dealing with Linux, I felt the need to try something new. It was during a trip to Stockholm, when a copy of Absolute FreeBSD, came to my hand and, thanks it, the idea of appeared into my mind. A hard period of studying and testing started. BERMEJO-BSD host viewed the light for first time with services like DNS, FTP, SQL HTTP, SMTP and IMAP. These services were provided without interruption during long seven years. Moreover, SMTP under Postfix server and IMAP under Cyrus server were the last ones added to the service. They were stable only for the last two years.

Life changes, and two years ago, I had to move to the island of Malta due to professional affairs, dropping out my lovely projects. That is, one day before changing my location, the button of BERMEJO-BSD was pushed off, meaning the death of my ambitious project, forever...

During the last two years, I have started new projects, some related with IT, others related just with personal life. But, some months ago, BERMEJO-BSD came back to my mind, more and more often. I started to feel the need of having my place within the internet, again. The same place I had had during seven years, the same feeling of freedom, the ability of having my own personal space on internet.

The idea was taking shape in my mind. New design ideas, more ambitious than ever. One day, without thinking twice, I bought my new server and intensive days of configurations came during this summer, the summer of 2015.

So in a nutshell, here, I am again. Better than ever, more technical, more experienced, with a better understanding of the Internet. I bring you a completely new customer oriented environment.

I feel happy, more than happy, awesome!! With a pretty wide smile in my face while writing these lines. I have the opportunity, again, to present to you my personal project, my hobby, my passion, an important part of my life.

In this site, we will talk about a lot of things, but mainly, we will discuss the operative system matter, oriented to administrators. Basically, Linux and BSD. But, this time, I'll introduce a new completely different subject, SAP oriented to its Basic Module.

Enjoy this place. It's really worth.

Best Regards
Rubén Lara
Senior SAP Basis Engineer

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